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convinces due to
excellent design
and an interesting
Sliding the cover to
right or left side, the bits move
upwards for easy access.
Our catalog 2018
contains our full bit and driver
range. Additionally
we have also
enlarged our range
with interesting new
Angle Driver with E6,3
The new angle driver is a
usefull addtion, when screw
driving in confined spaces or
‘around the corner’.
Bits with coloured ring 
packed in a robust, hangeable
Poly bag with window and Euro
hole for your presentation on a
display wall. The bag has a Zip
locker and can be reused.
COBIT® is our trademark, which clearly shows our concentration on
powertool accessories and screwdriver bits.
Next to our stock range we also assist our customers with their own brands.
Cooperating with our partners we develop special solutions around fastening
applications as well as different coatings and heat treatments, such as
stainless steel and impact proof products. Setting tools and special holding
tools belong to our range.
Developing new products we aim on industrial quality, design and efficiency.
Our products are manufactured on modern machines according to DIN and
ISO specifications. Our partner manufacturing plants also produce licensed
products such as TORX®, TORX-PLUS® and TTAP®.
Should a product be missing in our catalogue or if you need a special tool,
do not
hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to work for you.
Your COBIT® Team
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