Mission statement and objectives

Our customers are the focus of attention for all our actions. Our objective is to provide our customers with the tools they need to achieve long-lasting success and to be better than their competitors. This requires close contact with our customers: we listen carefully to them and learn from their statements.

All employees and managers take on responsibility for what they do. All employees consider themselves as part of a team. The team supports each employee. The superiors consider themselves as coaches; they guide and manage as part of the team. Giving direction fosters the motivation of the individual. Jointly we achieve our goals.

We demand commitment. And we further the potential of the individual.

We are ready for new challenges. If you do not go forwards you go backwards. Mistakes are quite normal. Everyone who tries something new, makes mistakes. We do not blame someone for a mistake – but we have to learn from it.

We always strive for the best solution, we well think out decisions to follow them consistently.

Confidence and respect are the foundation of our "living together". We work together in a frank manner . We are trustworthy, our word is our bond. Everyone bears responsibility for him- or herself and for the team. We act in a conscious and sustainable manner.

We really know what environmental protection and life safety mean. We are aware of our responsibility for our environment.

At the same time, we see to it that all hazard sources are detected and eliminated.

We disapprove of any kind of discrimination.