Bit sets for different users

Each user requires particular features.

cobit develops different sets to provide for the required features. These sets conform to the screwing operations on site and the machines used (quality, dimensions, etc.).

To each application its tool!

Bit set – building construction

For strong men with strong machines.

Developed for all threaded joints on site!

IMPACT products with their extremely long service life provide for safe and cost-efficient working results. Much to the delight of every boss! There are 28 different products designed for the most common screwing operations in building construction. Torx®, Phillips®, and Pozidriv®, as well as hexagon head screws – they all meet their match in this bit set!

Bit set – carpenter

Especially developed for machines & screws used in roof and dry construction.

To the work on roofs, special laws apply. There, power and large machines are required. Whether you need impact or not, this bit set includes the right products. IMPACT sockets with drive ½“ square, for impact. IMPACT sockets with drive ¼“ C 6.3 and E 6.3, also for a use with impact wrenches. The IMPACT bit holder 1/4" and a variety of IMPACT adapters make the range of products complete. A total of 27 different products provide for reliable and easy screwing.

Bit set – wood

For all screws used in wood, including the special drives Torx® TTAP® and ASSY®/AW

It does not matter whether you have interior work to do or floorboards for a terrace to lay, you always have the right bit on you. And who does not know those screws with broken heads to be extracted? No problem anymore: two titanium coated screw extractors of different sizes will accurately unscrew such screws.

Sanitary box

Everything for mounting. Contents especially designed for sanitary equipment. Or, wherever you have to cope with tiles

27 different products – of highest quality – make work in sanitary facilities easier. Dry diamond drill bits, glass/masonry/concrete drill bits provide for quick and accurate drilling of any hole required. Hanger bolt drivers, socket wrenches for hexagon head screws, bits of 25 mm and 90 mm in length feature a magnetic holder for a professional fastening of the screws.

The modular display stand for tools

PHandy and clearly arranged – this is not enough.

Here, the same applies as to the bit sets for different users: the development of this modular system focused on provision of different modules for different user groups: to each group its module.

  • The tool really needed
  • Put up easily and quickly
  • Clearly arranged – clearly described

At the moment, cobit offers 14 different modules of tools.

Extension of stock and service

After its relocation in 2017, cobit extended its storage capacity and put a new shelf installation into service in Summer 2018.

The new storage capacity fulfils a promise: within the scope of a yearly master agreement, OEM customers may call off their demand to get the goods within 24 or 48 hours.

For standard orders under the "cobit" brand, the delivery service at the moment exceeds 95 % (availability – delivery time 24 to 48 hours).


Complaints never please. And whether justified or not, the end user expects an immediate and satisfactory solution. This is the reason why cobit follows to a certain degree the "never ask" method.

The user gets a new product free of charge, irrespective of the question whether the complaint has been justified or not. Far beyond 90 % are complaints which are not due to a faulty product feature.