bit holder 1/4" E 6,3

magn. - EasyLink - EasyLock - ring magnet - free-wheeling sleeve

EasyLinkEasyLockmagneticring magnet
Length Euroslot hanger PU SU
300 mm 02372 1 6
SU = sale unit
PU = packaging unit

What means...?

EasyLink EasyLink

- when removing the bit, the guide sleeve is actuated
- the bit is guided to the front automatically and can be removed (one-hand operation)

EasyLock EasyLock

- the bit can be inserted without actuating the guide sleeve (one-hand operation)
- in order to unlock / remove the bit, the sleeve must be displaced manually while at the same time removing the bit with the other hand (two-hand operation)

ring magnet ring magnet

ring magnet
- ring magnet supports screwing operation by keeping the screw at the tip of the bit holder
- the screw is held with a higher pulloff force than in case of bit holders with block magnet